Friday 20 March 2009

On Your Marx!

I vaguely recall posting, on Thought Experiments ages ago, something to the effect that these days all art (using the term very loosely) aspires to the condition not of music but of the musical. Until it's reduced to bad song-and-dance and corny dialogue and is putting bums on seats in what would otherwise be deservedly empty theatres, it doesn't really, fully exist. Everything, it seems, is destined to end up being turned into a musical - even a film about the making of a musical (The Producers) ends up as a stage musical, which is then itself filmed. However, even I was surprised by this one. I don't, though, see it hitting the West End any time soon. Not a lot of scope for boy-girl romance, big routines, showstopping tunes - oh I don't know though, Nothing To Lose But Your Chains would make a good chorus number...
Meanwhile, some films come ready named for the musical stage. I'm thinking Milk - how long before Milk! hits Broadway?


  1. Das Boot would make a good musical romantic comedy, I feel. It should last for 8 hours and be performed inside an actual submarine.

  2. Great idea Brit - and massive gay appeal (always essential).

  3. That would be a sell out in Lanarkshire, Marxism being the local flavour. The means of production shall be in the hands of the workers must be a bummer to score.
    What next, "The bunkers alive with the sound of Mein Kampf" Lloyd Webber could do something with that, the BBC would hold a competition for the female lead, Eva B, I nominate Madonna.

  4. There is nothing like a beard. Nothing in the world.
    There is nothing quite as weird That is anything like a beard.

    We look restless. We look red. We look pissed off and in brief. We look every kind of bonkers but the bonkers of Belief. We look hungry as the wolf looked when he met Red Riding Hood. What don't we look? We don't look good.

  5. Prime Minister's Questions? The characters are all completely implausible but that's fine, it's a musical. As for the "target market", make sure there are some numbers from leather goddess Mistress Jacqui, perhaps toying with Jack Straw at the end of a chain.

  6. Doe, a deer, a female deer.
    Ray, the concept of surplus value created by the exploitation of the proletariat.
    Me, a name I call myself
    Far, a long long way to run
    So, a needle pullling thread
    La, the theory of dialectical materialism as applied to social history
    Tee, a drink with jam and bread
    And that brings us back to doh doh doh doh.

  7. Hmmn, I thinking Tommy or Gordoon Broon Superstar. Lenin on drums, Uncle Joe on bass, Fidel on the bongos, The Chairman riffing on his axe, and Karl doing the Jethro Tull thang on vocals, as they belt out "C'mon Baby Light My Feuerbach".

  8. Darlings you were wonderful - I love you all - see you on opening night - break a leg!

  9. lol, fo' schniz