Friday 13 March 2009

Fashion Notes

Trust me - this is not a good look. For myself - being of an age to remember the last of stockings and suspenders and the arrival of the dreaded 'pantyhose' - I don't even like tights on women, let alone men. One is tempted to ask, Whatever next?


  1. Funny you should say that Nige, when tights first burst upon the scene we climbers grabbed them with both hands, wonderfull for heat retention, bit of a snag in the widdles dept though. Then Helly Henson arrived on the scene, banishing tights on men forever, except Germans of course.

  2. I well remember my father's unconcealed disgust at long hair on men and resolving to be more tolerant about my own sons and their generation. I'm glad nobody warned me their idea of manly sexiness would be two days of stubble on their faces combined with closely shaven legs.

  3. Now if those breeks were just a bit longer, and had a wider bit towards the bottom, we'd be back to the world of Plus fours, which in childhood we knew as "shitkeppers".