Saturday 21 March 2009

Humanists Exposed As Faith Group Shock

Here's confirmation that the British Humanist Association is indeed a 'faith group'. This must be a mortifying discovery for them, and I trust they will refuse all future funding. Meanwhile, representatives of another 'faith group' continue their charm offensive with some measured remarks on sexual mores. Don't expect prosecutions any time soon.


  1. So then Nige, the beturbaned ones have a lot in common with the Aryan one in the Vatican and are, give or take a sentiment or two, singing from the same hymn sheet "murder a queer a day chases the devil away" a sentiment I assumed had died of shame after the Quentin Crisp TV series.
    I hope that once Dave has his feet under No 10s table one of his first acts will be to march the dusky shaded mob leaders up the access ladder of the first available freighter bound for the middle east.

    Enough of the troubles, we have just had four of the most remarkable spring days in the last twenty years. Continuous sunshine, todays temp 18 degrees in shelter.
    A pair of buzzards have been circling above us, constantly calling, wheeling, soaring, diving. The tree creepers are about, shuffling up and down the birch trees among the lichen. At the bird tables yesterday morning were a pair of moorhens, the male and two female pheasants, woodpecker and red squirrel, all in a high state of dudgeon. This is as well as the usual suspects, twittering hither and yon. As we watched this scene from out of the wood came running three deer, the buck and doe frolicking, last years fawn looking on somewhat puzzled.

    The air is full of mallard, flying from our neighbours curling pond to our own, enjoying a lunch of frog spawn.
    Because of the unusual weather this year the daffodils are in flower as the snowdrops are dying off, primula, butter yellow are everywhere as are white crocus.
    The early flowering rhododendron are flaming pink in the sun, bees everywhere and, unfortunately, clouds of not yet in the attack mode, midges.
    Through all of this we have spent the last two days mattock in hand digging out tree roots and painting garden furniture although Frau Malty does proffer the suggestion that she be allowed a go with the paintbrush.
    Good being alive at the moment, the only disturbance in the vortex as I type is from another room, our daughter hurling abuse at the television, Scotland apparently have scored a penalty.

  2. Ah Malty - that sounds very fine - extraordinary weather indeed - much the same down here. I've just been for a short walk on Ashtead Common - nothing particular to report, but a joy to be out there. The veteran oaks at their best I think in this strong spring light before they're in leaf. Maybe this will be the year (come summer) I finally see a purple emperor flying around the crown of one of them...

  3. Good lads - funny how unimportant politics etc seems, innit... and all we need is a bit of sunshine. Of course if it didn't rain so much the land wouldn't be so green and pleasant but it's a tough enough trade-off. Enjoy Sunday, anyway.