Thursday 18 September 2008

Go Fourth And...

This time last year, a poll was published that showed even Ming Campbell (remember him) had a higher popularity rating than David Cameron - though of course a much lower one than the all-conquering Gordon Brown, then bestriding the political world like a colossus. A year is a long time... But all is not lost - Prezza and the heavy mob (if you're feeling at all queasy, don't follow that link) have a plan to save Broon and Labour. (The Go Fourth slogan is not one of Prezza's slipups, by the way, but a tremendously witty play on words.) Big John was blustering away on the Today programme this morning - just like old times - and his analysis of the current crisis was typically incisive: It was 'caused by the global'. Of course it was.


  1. God, I miss Prezza so much. I had so much fun with him...

    Now you've gone and made me teary eyed, Nige.

  2. "The global" strikes me as a jolly good term, a handy if rather bathetic description of a huge, dark, mega-mega cluster whatever that no one can quite define. "The poor chap's had it, I'm afraid, the global got him" or "It's my joints, Doctor, I think I've come over terrible with the global", etc. Not for the first time, Prezza may be on to something even though he has no idea what it is.