Saturday 20 September 2008

A Shorter Sings

One of those nice short sellers who have been working tirelessly to save the economy from itself explained last night that he and his fellow shorters are 'like canaries in a coal mine'.
Except (he didn't add) that instead of keeling over and dying like canaries, they trouser the money and scarper. An important difference, I think.


  1. It's good to see you sticking up for the reputation of our friend the canary, Nige. Judy gasped and cried when I read her your post. I just added 'typical of the man' and it is. God bless you.

  2. Looks like Tweety Pie's dad Nige, the smelly shorters are sort of right with their analogy, The use of canaries in mines resulted in countless deaths when said canaries refused to go to that big cage in the sky, therefore not alerting the miners to the existence of poisonous gases. In other words, not fit for purpose. I have never yet heard a logical reason for the existence of these toxic thugs. Although I suppose it could be said that their present occupation keeps them from their true vocation, stealing old ladies handbags and sniffing bicycle saddles.
    Anyhow our Zloty are now as far as it is possible to be from the clutches of the big thugs understrappers, the Black Horse con merchants. We vowed that if they were the only bank left standing our dosh would go under the floorboards.
    They ain't making profit out of us, weather was nice on the Our river.
    I will make a prediction, eventual job losses from the rape of HBOS, 15,000 minimum.
    The Labour government, through its bungling, will have wrecked the livelihood of many decent ordinary people.

    We had a canary that became ill, my grandmother gave it a teaspoon of brandy, it seemed to die with a smile on its face.