Tuesday 23 September 2008

Name Your Poison

Like many, I suspect, I'm still recovering from the nauseating spectacle of weird Millie Band fawning all over weird Gordon Broon - students of body language will know exactly what to make of that display of 'I'm in charge' dominance in the form of fulsome affection. The two of them were horribly reminiscent of Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness in their Chuckle Brothers phase. It this is really the best Labour has to offer - two entirely different but equally toxic brands of electoral poison - they are surely doomed. Meanwhile, we are told that there's a great resurgence of the Left (talking of electoral poison) and that the most popular quote around the conference is Boris Johnson's description of Cameron's 'broken society' notion as 'piffle'. Boris, the hero of Labour, eh?
And another thing - entirely unrelated to the above. Why is it that in every report on the inquest of the unfortunate Brazilian gunned down by the cops, his name is given every time in full, slowly and carefully enunciated, with presumably authentic Portuguese pronuniation. Can't he just be called by his surname? And why, come to that, is the inquest being held at the Oval cricket ground? I no longer understand anything.


  1. And in another extension of language, the Jury are being asked to consider whether de Menezes was 'unlawfully killed' (I should say so). He was not unlawfully killed or, as you suggest Nige 'gunned down' - he was down already. He was executed, murdered if you prefer, by the expedient of being held down while eight rounds were fired into his body, seven of them to his head. It disgusted me at the time, and nothing has been revealed to me since that has promoted a change of mind

  2. Indeed - and 'Sir' Ian Blair is still with us...

  3. Nige, like you I was unfortunate enough to have watched Milly Bands replay of the Worma Grimatongue monologue. Possibly the most revolting spectacle since the Nazis trial of the Claus von Stauffenburg conspirators. I noticed today after Gordon-Denis Healey-Browns bone gnawing speech to the faithfull, the tired old busted flush crowd were there, Mr thick and Mrs stupid Kinnock, the corrupt, morally bankrupt and Thick Prezza, Alistair-Dr Goebbels-Campell, commenting was the useless spittle machine Hattersley.
    Its a pity that there's no law on the statute books for crimes against the country, this lot would be behind bars.
    And as for the megaplod Blair, I agree mahlerman, shoot first, ask questions later. That particular cop should be stacking shelfes.

  4. I can't take that awful mauve colour they're using as a backdrop at the Labour conference, which shades to reddish and pink lower down. It looks like something you might see through an endoscope. As Gordon and co drone on, I half expect to see a giant polyp slowly appear onscreen then slide away as we probe deeper into Broon and Millie's ghastly intestinal mess. New Labour, New Britain, New Bowels: these people are shameless.

    Absolutely agree with Mahlerman about the "execution".

  5. Do you folks admire any living British politicians or do you view them all as oleaginous gits?

  6. Good question nf, the short answer is a few but not many, one or two are decent honorable people, the majority of nulabour require descriptions far more sturdy than oleaginous gits, try useless timeserving scumbags, apart from Milly Band who is a saddle sniffing, revolting, lying creep.