Wednesday 17 September 2008

Listening, Responding, Acting

This, probably, is what we should really be worrying about - especially as it's already too late to do much about it. Remember those Heath era power cuts when we were only allowed electricity for so many hours a day? That could well be where we're heading - and/or into hock with those nice obliging Russians...
Meanwhile, my local (Lib Dem ecofascist) council - one of the first in the land to introduce fortnightly collections of household rubbish (this was years ago), only to retreat in the face of furious protests - has now done it again. This year they tried to charge everyone for having their garden waste taken away (previously a 'free' service), charging £35 a year for a kind of green hessian shoulderbag to cram it into. Not surprisingly, there was almost no take-up of this generous offer, the local tips were soon jammed with cars loaded to the gunwales with garden waste, there were furious protests - and, yesterday, a jaunty green leaflet on my doormat informing me that the scheme had been withdrawn. And, of course, claiming the credit for 'Listening, Responding, Acting'.
Join the dots between these two stories, and what do you find? The EU setting ludicrous targets - for 'renewable energy' and for 'recycling' - our government obligingly falling in with their crazy plans, then discovering just how unworkable they are and what deep trouble they've landed us in. Still, it'll be good having my garden refuse taken away 'free' again.


  1. Hmm, seems to be the day for council rants - just had one myself. Does anyone who works for a council instantly have a lobotomy and forget what real life is like for everyone else? Where are the voices of sanity in the council meetings? Off blogging it seems.

  2. I spent 15 years working for a council actually - not an experience to fill a person with enthusiasm for all things municipal. And oddly I get regular calls, here at the gleaming HQ of NigeCorp, from punters under the impression I'm a Mr Mustapha of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's waste disposal department.

  3. Nige, you're a man of many surprises, 15 years working for the council and you have retained your sanity and sense of humour, there must be many tales to tell.
    Our lot, the Scottish borders Council, a short time ago, spent its three year education budget, in year one. The head of the department omitted to tell anyone about it. He was put on gardening leave while "things were sorted out", then dismissed. The chief executive, who should have been sacked on the spot, was eventually forced out.

    On Soutra yesterday morning not one of the dozens of wind generators was working, a not uncommon occurrence, the amount of subsidy paid to the owners has not been revealed.

  4. Nige, I'm one of the do what one can brigade where the green issues are concerned. Should you live in the middle of a wood there is not much point in japanning solar to the roof. Ditto, wind. But, for instance, I see no good reason to pay for the electric when there is a rill washing itself by your place and you can send into the grid enough to cover all electric costs for the home.
    While the actual result of a compost heap has to seen to be believed. Putting compost on the dark side of the garden only and do the usual on the other, you will see the plants leap from the ground.
    Roses, that in your area perched as you are on light lime needing full sun, will shrug off all the usual spot/mildew&co, thrive in semi-shade or a house slightly tilted away from the nasty side of northnortheast, the nightmare for the gardener.
    I will say, a bachelor at the moment and joyful with it. Such that many of my female relatives/relations seem bound and determined to change. I do see the need to get the heck away from the house for any reason over a weekend. Doing things which are just plain fun.
    But the just fun idea seems to have by-passed most if not all in the political life, it has not been fun to be Con since the mid-eighties. Being LibDem is there fun in it, well yes. Nowadays, being Con/con is there fun in it, well no. Being Lab, old or new, well no. Clarksons' measure.
    I still think/believe a shed is the answer.
    In days gone by, the measure of a foot and those who how the slat of a foot mattered knew when there was a difference. What is the chance that you walk into your house and find that your foot will fit. But the shed is yours.

  5. Ignore, Nige, the last clunky crap.
    The Swallows have gone.

  6. Very sound Vince - and the shed is indeed the nub of it. If I had a proper shed, I'd be a happy man - well, maybe that's going a bit far., but you know what I mean...