Friday 5 September 2008

Me In a Nutshell

It may be September, but the silly season is still with us, as this handsome piece of 'research' demonstrates. Its findings are, note, both 'significant' and 'surprising'.
Checking off my musical tastes against the character traits listed, I learn that I have high self esteem and low self esteem, am creative, introvert and outgoing, at ease, gentle and not gentle, hard-working and not hard-working. I'd say that was me in a nutshell.


  1. Who is this stuff for? Professor North and his helpers I imagine. Will they be flogging a more detailed picture of our listening profiles to Classic FM and Capitol, the better to target our needs, information that will then be passed on to the ad' boys to work their magic, on behalf of clients who are desperate to sell a chicken-house kit to a gentle soul who is not particularly hard working (you, and me it seems).
    On the audio clip the Prof. sounds about 19, but is probably 29. I think in the silly season or any other, his time could have been better spent.

  2. Oh well, let's rejoice that grants are still available for such work in these hard times. Here's another, presumably grant-funded one I came across: "Didgeridoo playing as alternative treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea." Let's combine this with Professor North's work and Bryan's new remedy for insomnia: "What didgeridoo playing while standing on one leg says about your personality." One can see the grant money pouring in.

    Folk music is left off Prof North's list. Since this must include about 90 per cent of all music ever written around the world under various guises, this is a something of an omission.

  3. It missed out your unusual combination of Nigeness and Nigelessness