Sunday 21 September 2008

Who Are These People?

Here's a cheering story. An unscientific, but telling, survey of 40 randomly chosen people on the streets of Manchester by the Sunday Telegraph (I can't find the story online) , all of whom were shown photographs of the Labour cabinet and other political luminaries, found that only Gordon Brown was recognised by all, while David Milliband scored a meagre 13, Ed Balls a well deserved 4, and large numbers of these political colossi - including Andy Burnham, John Hutton, John Denham and Tessa Jowell - were recognised by nobody at all (despite, in several cases, their scarily bizarre features). One of the people questioned inisisted that these were just random photographs of strangers, while among the bolder guesses were Roger Daltrey (for John Denham) and Barry Humphries (for Paul Murphy)...
This will, of course, do nothing to deflate the massive self-importance of our political 'elite', but they might bear in mind that the next time one of them asks 'Do you know who I am?' the answer will almost certainly be 'No' - or perhaps 'That Roger Daltrey out of The Who?'

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  1. We might not be able to recognise them but those of us in Manchester are becoming very familiar with the sound of police sirens which haven't bloody well stopped for the last week as they prepare for the conference.

    Brown won't make many friends by leaving us all with stinking headaches.