Tuesday 9 September 2008

Stop Press

Not Bedford. Bedford is closed. Or rather the only conceivable reason for going there - the wonderful Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, with its Edward Bawden collection - is closed, til January next year. As my namesake Molesworth would say - chiz. More Bawden here...
By the way, if those CERN lads turn out to have got their calculations slightly wrong and it's all over as of tomorrow - Bye, everybody. It's been real. Or has it?


  1. The Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden has the most wonderful collection of all the "Great Bardfield" artists. I covet pretty much everything on its walls. It has weird opening hours but if you time it right it is the most rewarding experience.

  2. He was my art teachers hero, unfortunately the Head had a preference for Gilbert and Sullivan, the art class had to go into the production of scenery, stained glass windows and associated graphics every year in conjunction with The Mikado etc.
    The white coat boys in their tunnel apparently have "high hopes" mmmmmm. Nige, if on your way to Nigecorp tomorrow you turn dayglo orange you will have the answer.

  3. As a silent but long-time reader, I choose this moment to say it's been nice knowing you.

    See you on the other side of the black hole.

  4. Good to hear from you Silent David - and thanks very much for that tip, Sophie. Saffron Walden far preferable to Bedford - I must look it out...

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