Friday 26 September 2008

A New Direction in Russian-Venezuelan Relations

I was wondering (as you do) what our old pal Hugo Chavez was up to in Russia, on his second visit since July. Was the oil-rich demagogue furthering world peace by buying weapons off the Russkies with money he'd borrowed off them? No, it seems the purpose of his visit was to boost ties. See, he's already flogged one to the Russian guy - same colour too. Me, of course, I'm boosting cravats...


  1. It's those intercontinental ties that are the worry. I wouldn't want them in America's backyard where they can threaten the kipper industry.

    Incidentally, Nige, did you know that the Kipper tie was invented by Michael Fish, though unfortunately, not the Michael Fish.

  2. Well they should both be ashamed of themselves - one for inventing them, the other for always wearing them. Remember when The Michael Fish got caught with his pants down at some seedy motel? That's the kind of thing kipper ties get you into. In a cravat they wouldn't even let you into the motel - they'd look nervous, keep you talking and ring the police...

  3. I wonder if you look like Thurston Howell (from "Gilligan's Island") in your cravat, Nige? Dashing, I've no doubt. And now that I think of it, cravats are a great idea for men of a certain age: Cover up the chicken neck effect of time and gravity.