Sunday 7 September 2008

Oh No - Not Obesogens...

I know that this is a subject that should really be left to Richard & Judy's diet expert, that whip-thin exemplar of low-carb virtue - but here's the latest on the 'Obesity Epidemic'. You and I might have thought, in our simple-minded way, that it was down to too many people sitting around in overheated homes, doing nothing but stuffing themselves with junk food, washed down with sweet drinks. Tsk tsk how heartless of us. Make way for the new kids on the lardy block, the 'obesogens' - evil chemicals that might yet make helpless lardbuckets of us all (or at least offer us another handy copout). As I have asked many a time before - does anyone seriously believe this stuff? Clearly, as they say, further research is needed (coughs politely, holds out begging bowl). Meanwhile, what should really concern us is the factoid right at the bottom of the report - people are swelling up like balloons and joining the ever-growing ranks of the obese as a result of... giving up smoking! It's an obesity timebomb I tell you.


  1. Hi, Whip-thin here. It's all balls because the obvious reason we are fat - eating the wrong stuff - is entirely sufficient to explain obesity. The desire to generate more subtle reasons is, as you suggest, a grant-gaining, blame-removing tactic. There's a lot of it about. I blame Sarah Palin.

  2. So that's why Judy's started to smoke a pipe.

  3. Not sure a pipe works, Dick - too restful - get her on the rollups, that way she'll burn a few extra calories too...