Saturday 20 September 2008

Rail News

So now we know. As the Large Hadron Collider closes down for the weekend for engineering works, it's suddenly clear thar 'the greatest scientific experiment the world has ever known' is in fact a railway - it's a glorified Circle Line.
Anyone hear Appleyard on Today? He was good.


  1. And the black hole will be created around Euston... At least if there's not one there already because that's where my bags disappeared when I last travelled through London.

  2. Anyone hear Appleyard on Today? He was good.

    No, what did he say?

  3. Oops. Never mind. I see he's now shared the experience on his own blog. (That post wasn't there when I looked earlier.)

  4. And now it seems the closure's going to be two months at the very least - it's the North East Main Line...