Wednesday 22 October 2008

A Bad Start

I arrive at NigeCorp this morning after a highly stressful two-hour journey (much of it spent going nowhere or sideways) with but one question on my mind: How is it that one idiot pulling the communication cord on one train can halt all trains on two lines in and out of London? Grrr...


  1. advanced industrial society failing under the weight of electronic sophistication, technological determinism and chaotic maladministration - I think that that communication cord should also be made available to idiotic bankers!

  2. Nige, time to relocate Nigecorp, do it the German way, business and home on the same plot (for tax purposes) so, a nice half hectare corner of the Beeches, invest in a pair of Rollerblades and happiness reigns

    Thought for today.....
    On no account upset Mandelson, ever.
    Hell hath no fury...