Monday 27 October 2008


As one who only a couple of weeks ago was TGVing through France, I read this and winced - and made a mental note not to try to retrieve the mobile if it ever happens to me...


  1. S'pose he was multi-tasking and had both hands full. Has warned me off attempting one of my favourite routines of the closet, flushing while Niagra is still flowing, the goal being a simultaneous finish. I attended a minor public school in Leamington Spa, and these charades seemed quite normal then; little did I imagine I would still be 'active' fifty years later. Far too risky though, on a moving French train.

  2. Beats fishing false teeth out of the urinal.
    Tried to race the TGV once, up the A6 over the Langres plateau, gave up when it tried to swerve in front of me, bloody French drivers.