Tuesday 21 October 2008

Those Olympics Again...

As if the prospect of the London Olympics wasn't horrific enough already,
there's this related
. It seems there's every chance that the Olympic site could
be dominated by a mosque four times the size of our largest cathedral,
proclaiming to the watching world that Britain is now a Muslim country - and
one, furthermore, in the grip of a peculiarly nasty, misogynistic,
anti-Qufar version of Islam. Where's the money coming from to build this
monstrosity (could it, I wonder, be a country with the initials S----
A------? And I don't mean South Africa)? As well as being a symbol of (as
yet unreal, thank Allah) Islamic domination, it seems clear - even to a
bien-pensant C of E interfaith adviser - that this place would also
function as a breeding ground for terrorists. Why is this proposal being
considered at all? (A legacy of Ken, perhaps?)
In any sane society, Tablighi Jamaat would have been banned long ago. In Olympic Britain, though, it is London's greatest writer, Iain Sinclair, who has been banned - by Hackney council, from launching his latest book (Hackney: Rose Red Empire) in Hackney central library, for the heinous offence of publishing some disobliging remarks about the impact of the London Olympics on the neighbourhood.
This whole Olympic business stinks, and the stink is spreading...

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  1. At some point there will be a violent backfire against Islam. Virtually every non-Muslim i know is at best strongly ambivalent towards the religion; the only exceptions are liberal do-gooders whose don't know any real Muslims and equate Islam with Rumi. The politicians can only force so much Islam down our collective throats before we'll vomit. i don't look forward to this vomiting, but nor do i look forward to Sharia law in my country...