Saturday 18 October 2008

St Luke's Day

It's St Luke's Day, and it's time to put another picture on my blog. That's him painting the Virgin Mary, as envisaged by the great Rogier van der Weyden. Luke, I need hardly tell you, is the patron saint of painters, physicians, surgeons, notaries and cuckolds. His day is celebrated in York as Whip-Dog Day, when boys whip dogs through the streets - though I fancy that particular tradition might bave been quietly shelved. Happily, in southern England, we are enjoying 'St Luke's little summer', a spell of mild, dry weather around St Luke's Day. So I am going out to see how the garden is looking...


  1. hello,I'm interested in St Luke's Day,and why it's called Dog Whipping Day?Would you mind telling me about this Day?or how could I find more information about it?Thank you so much!If possible, please feel free to contact with me by Lin

  2. A dog once ran into York Minster on St Lukes day and ate consecrated communion bread. So all the York dogs were whipped on the day ,mostly to remind people to keep the church doors closed!

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