Tuesday 28 October 2008

What Crows Do

Striding over the grass in Kensington Gardens just now, I came across an affecting tableau - a crow was pecking out the eyes of a dead grey 'squirrel'. Not the kind of thing you expect to see in a Royal Park, but hey that's what crows do (hence the species name Carrion Crow). It put me in mind of the old ballad...


  1. I take it from the scare quotes Nige you're not a fan of the grey squirrel. I like the greys, they're the squirrels I've always known. Far better than their antisocial ginger european cousins.

  2. Them's fighting words Joey Joe Joe. Shave a grey 'squirrel's' tail and you've got a rat...

  3. Good birds, they remind of us death.