Wednesday 29 October 2008

Signs of the Times

As a new Age of Auserity dawns, it seems only fitting that Fray Bentos is resuming production of the corned beef that made it famous. I do hope it will still come pressed into those finger-shredding tins with the impossible-to-turn keys. Soon, I predict, we'll be tucking into tasty and nutritious snoek, measuring out the powdered egg and swappping recipes for Woolton pie. Yes, happy days are here again. Britain can take it!

1 comment:

  1. Corned beef fritters were considered to be the pinnacle of culinary delight, actually they tasted of brick dust and kerosene. Until comparatively recently there was a home office store near Carlisle which had the worlds largest stock of corned beef, a hangover from WW2.
    The term Beef was, of course, loosely applied, as in maybe cows, cats, dogs etc.
    Corned fundies may be the future diet.
    Definite signs of austerity hitting the middle classes in the borders Nige, BMW and lexus now fill Aldi's and TKMax car parks, we can't find space for our tractor anywhere.