Wednesday 29 October 2008


Here's a headline I never thought I'd see. Isn't it in the nature of rock reunion tours that they're pointless, apart from serving the obvious purpose of swelling the band's coffers? With rock music truly you never go through the same river twice - and equally truly the original river was the only one worth going through.


  1. I didn't see or hear the recent reincarnation of Zeppelin, but on the evidence of two I did see lately, The Who and The Rolling Stones, to use a popular phrase I particularly dislike, you nail it. When they are down to the last few million, and the maid quits, and the swimming pool pump is on the blink again, they make a few 'phone calls, and if any member is dead, they will probably have a son who could do what they did and, presto, Wembley is booked.
    The results are always a shadow because rock is a young mans game, and creativity rarely lasts into middle-age or beyond, and perhaps shouldn't.
    And even in the world of the troubadour, I can only think of one man who, because of almost constant renewal and rebirth, and an almost paranoid desire never to do the same thing twice, has managed to keep his youthful wizardry alive and, arguably, he grows in stature well past pensionable age. Yes, it's him.

  2. It might be two, I reckon - tho Len only returned for fiscal reasons...