Saturday 25 October 2008

Daniel and Sam

From sheer inertia, I caught Jonathan Ross interviewing James Bond star Daniel Craig last night. Craig emitted about a dozen words in all, none of them of the slightest interest - no surprise there. But what did strike me was his growing resemblance to the character actor (and star of the children's TV series Orlando) Sam Kydd. That's him in the picture - or is it Craig?


  1. Blimey Nige, is that one desparate Friday night. Sam represents that phase of British film making now long forgotten, and rightly so, greyscale entertainment in greyscale.
    One of Malty juniors friends, as design manager of a well known car maker, had the job of greeting Craig on his recent visit to the plant to view the latest movie prop, "what's he like" said junior "for a bloke who's supposed to be well hard he's got a very limp handshake" said juniors friend.
    Fleming must be groaning in his grave.

  2. Thank you Nige.