Wednesday 29 April 2009


Talking of Auschwitz, there's a story about Walter Matthau. He was staying with his wife in a hotel which he discovered was quite close to Auschwitz, so he asked the manager to fix them a car and driver so they could pay a visit. 'Certainly Mr Matthau, no problem, etc etc, you go up to your room and I'll fix it.' Half an hour later, Walter and wife still in room, no sign of car. He phones down. 'Ah Mr Matthau I'm getting you a very special car, we can't have a star like you driving there in the village taxi', etc. OK. Another half hour passes. Same conversation. He's found a car and it's being valeted, won't be long, any minute now etc. Matthau getting very annoyed. Another half hour and Matthau's pacing the room, fuming. At last the call comes. 'Mr Matthau, I've got just the car for you - and it's outside the door right now.' 'OK I'll take it', Matthau barks down the phone, 'but I want you to know - you've ruined Auschwitz for me!'

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