Tuesday 14 April 2009

He's 34!

I've deliberately avoided saying anything about the unspeakably sordid McBride email business (go Guido! go Iain!) - but I must admit that I was shocked to discover just now that the ghastly man is a mere 34 years of age! Thirty-four?! It seems barely believable that a man could look that comprehensively bad (I'll spare you the pictures) at such a young age. Is that what life in the Brown bunker does to a person? He certainly ended up with the face he deserved in double quick time.


  1. whoa! thats some heavy karma right there

  2. Those were my thoughts exactly. It is astonishing that one so young could look so awful - that red, shiny, congested look that speaks of too many boozy lunches. I bet his breath smells awful.

  3. 34, going on 52, the BBC is doing it's level best to look the other way, when the present administration ends it's days in the skip hopefully the Beeb will be politely shown the door.

    We paid this oafs wages apparently, galling to say the least.

  4. The earlier che coglioneria was made for him, yet his modest age perhaps goes some way to explaining the moronic level of his activities. Wasn't it Orwell, the conduit for ventilations on social injustice, who said that, at 50, a man had the face he deserved? And our fat little spawn of Satan, the stillborn Damian, has arrived with his life-face 16 years early.
    The sad truth is though that within a few months, the little tow-rag will be back among us, in another highly paid job, probably for this government