Friday 17 April 2009

Pop Goes the Champagne Cork?

I don't like the sound of this (actually, come to think, what will it sound like? Can't be as good as the authentic cork pop). The demise of the cork is saddening. I don't mind screwcaps, and they're certainly convenient - but pulling a cork, when it goes well, is very satisfying, and the smell of the pulled cork is great (and gives you a pretty good idea of what the wine's like). The plastic 'cork' is, of course, an abomination - incredibly difficult to pull (or to remove from the corkscrew afterwards), impossible to put back in the bottle, no smell, no redeeming features. We should stick to corks anyway, to save the cork forests, a unique habitat that will otherwise disappear, along with its unique fauna. Think Lynx When You Drinks!


  1. There are some who'd like to bring the lynx back to the Highlands, in hopes that they'd eat some of those pestilential bambis.

  2. Sounds good to me, Dearieme...

  3. I bet this one's got a screw cap.

    As the waiter said to Kermit, "care to smell the cap sir"