Friday 17 April 2009

Steam - Why Not?

Another day, another gimmick - but what I want to know is this: Why does nobody seem to be developing steam cars, like this fine fellow? Surely they're the ultimate solution - run on water, make no noise and no emissions, and potentially capable of pretty impressive performance. In these retroprogressive times, the steam car should return to our roads in triumph...


  1. ...they run on water that has been heated by burning fossil fuels???

  2. Peak Water will pose a problem.

  3. I guess the danger is a giant pilau up after one of these crashes into a truckload of basmati rice on the M25.

  4. Good Lord, Nige, we really do think alike. I posted this a while back:
    If we really are serious….
    And yes, Will, the water does have to be heated by those precious fossil fuels, but only in amounts that are a small fraction of what is needed now. That's the point.