Friday 3 April 2009

Mellow Birds!

A jar of Mellow Birds instant 'coffee' has mysteriously appeared in the office. Did it appear through a portal in time, or are they actually still making the stuff? Maybe it's a retro revival thing... As I remember it, this was the instant coffee for people who didn't like coffee one bit. Its selling point was essentially that it tasted of nothing, or at least nothing that would suggest coffee to the most imaginative palate. Maybe I'm wrong - I'm certainly not going to try it. Instant coffee (even in less 'mellow' form) has no place in Nigeworld.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, they are still producing it, but a more disgusting concoction would be hard to imagine. Your clear bias against 'instant' is depriving you Nige of a blissful libation of quite recent vintage I believe, namely Rocket Fuel, a brilliant marriage of coffee and a herb, used as a stimulant for centuries by Amazonian Indians, called Guarana. And if 'Mellow' could be said to do what it says on the tin, Rocket Fuel does it in spades. Keep the incontinent-pants handy!