Thursday 9 April 2009

News Round-Up

The mighty US navy is facing a threat on the high seas that it hasn't faced since the Barbary Wars - back to the future again. Clowns descend on the poor earthquake survivors of Abruzzo (while Berlusconi assures them they're having a fun camping trip). As if they haven't suffered enough... And this guy does the decent thing - which prompts the question (question?!), if that had been 'Jacqui' Smith, would she have fallen on her sword the following morning? No, that's not a question really, is it?


  1. Having been in the military and working with highly classified documents for years, I know this was a colassal screw-up.

    But why should he resign? He made a mistake and a reprimand, suspension, something, is in order.

    But he got to this position, supposedly, by being good at what he does, and do you really want to lose a person that is qualified for a job like this over one mistake?

    In the UK, and in the states, there is no forgiveness anymore for making a mistake. I've yet to find a person who is perfect and hasn't had a screw-up like this at one time or another in their career.

    What ever happened to the premise of: mistake, apology, punishment, redemption, forgiveness.

    All this does is get rid of a qualified civil-servant and move eveyone else up the chain, meaning people are now in jobs they might not have the capacity to do.

  2. The thing about Berlo is his ability to time travel, going back and using the same Venetian barber as Gustav von Aschenbach.
    Jacqui won't have a sword, like all labour wimmen she uses daggers.