Sunday 26 April 2009

Quote of the Day

'We've got three and a half million layabouts laying about on benefits, and I'm 76, getting up at 6am to go to work to keep them.' Sir Michael Caine, telling it like it is.
The British 'welfare state' has turned into a national disaster, perpetuating poverty, idleness and dependence - at huge and ever-growing expense. It's a model that could only work in a nation with a strong, homogeneous identity and sense of common cause, and a strong work ethic. None of which apply to modern Britain.
See also De Tocqueville's Memoir on Pauperism, and Corelli Barnett's The Audit of War.


  1. Agree totally. I have worked for more than 30 years and like Sir M get up at 6 am each day - I'm so fed up that the many people like me who have tolled away for what seems like ever (am worn out with it!) - saving up what is left over - saving with the purpose of helping my children through higher education and if necessary not being a drag on them if I need extended assistance when old (if I live that long).

    So all this bank awfulness, compounded by the govenment now chipping away to pay for it at those who are contributing to the country's wealth, as well as saving up for their own pensions and not to be dependent on the state - is GROSS!

  2. Here, here, to Maxine and Michael!

  3. Yes, if I have to read one more sob story in a newspaper about someone who has had to abandon their second home in Spain because their UK investments won't pay for it (and is hence returning to the UK for the state benefits), or about someone who has gone bankrupt because they went on expensive holidays every year while extending their mortgage, and are now facing negative equity - well, it's enough to make one vote tory or something drastic.

  4. Much as I agree with him, it's maybe not the best time to be attacking benefits claimants i.e in the middle of a recession when anyone can loose their job and have to sign on.

  5. And I love how he assumes that everyone of those 3.5 million claimants is a layabout. Great, you loose your job because of amoral bankers and you're labelled a layabout by those fortunate enough to still have a job. Patronising c**t.

  6. Maxine, you ain't seen nothing yet, when the recession gets under way, so far we've had the prelude, our pockets will be even more deeply dug into, the crying shame is its the Tories who will have to pick up the pieces and get the blame, history repeating itself.
    Lets start by clawing back the ridiculous wage increases given to doctors and Scottish teachers, more for less then introduce a Norwegian style welfare system redundancy package, fund them for 12 months then they are on there own.
    Focuses minds effectively.
    Then nuke government employee pensions and properly privatise the post office, Dutch style.

    At the moment the UK taxpayer funds out of work alcoholics drinking habits, houses and feeds them, c'mon Dave, up and at 'em.

    Read Nick Cohens article on civil service box tickers, multiply that by one million and weep, that's our money.

  7. "then introduce a Norwegian style welfare system redundancy package, fund them for 12 months then they are on there own."

    But if the unemployment figure starts to significantly outweigh the number of jobs available (as is starting to happen), then what? Just let people die?

  8. The Norwegian system works as follows.
    For twelve months you will receive a full salary based upon your recent earnings.
    After twelve months that stops, a form of state benefit is then payed, administered in an intelligent pragmatic way that weeds out the bloodsuckers, work or else they are told for them the choice is a stark one.
    Genuine claimants receive a very basic remuneration.

    It may have changed somewhat, I don't know. The point is, it worked. Norwegian taxpayers were not expected too, nor were, funding the bone idle.

    It is all about ensuring that the genuine are taken care of, the others are not, unlike the UK.

  9. I wouldn't have a problem with that if we weren't in a recession. It would seems wiser to implement such a scheme when they're more jobs available.

  10. *there are

    I'm hung-over.

  11. Isn't there a self-interested rationale for giving benefits to the feckless? In their absence and with the determinedly work-averse having to find other means of support would we end up in a situation akin to that of earlier centuries where there were rookeries too dangerous to enter and respectable people carried sword sticks as a matter of course? Mind you, could be quite exciting.