Wednesday 1 April 2009

Because He's Worth It

This man, the Irish Taioseach Brian Cowan - as seen recently, naked and at stool, in an unofficial portrait hung fleetingly in Dublin - is, believe it or not, the second highest paid national leader in the world, after the US President. Cowan's salary comes in at an eye-watering 257,000 Euros. The untarnished history of the honourable office of Taioseach proves what the advocates of more pay for MPs maintain - that a high salary is a bastion against corruption (hem hem). As does the famously punctilious behaviour of our highly paid MEPs (triple hem).


  1. Looks as though he might need a pretty large bathplug, so it's doubtful that Robert Dyas could fix him up for 88p. I wonder who are the ten lowest paid national leaders? "Meet the President ... a bath? Sheer looxury. He's paid so little he's forced to bathe in old puddles" etc.

  2. Poodles; you had poodles? We had bowls of gnats' piss. Etc.