Thursday 10 July 2008


Further proof, if any were needed, that Gordon Brown has gone mad - and don't you just love that 'absolutely correct'? Of course he is no Heathcliff (in his dreams maybe) - but who, in terms of fictional characters, is he? He puts me in mind of the tormented, thwarted Bradley Headstone in our Mutual Friend , so congested with rage that he was liable to spontaneous bleeding and self-harm (so far, with Brown, it's only the nails that have suffered).
And for proof of what the British political scene has come to, how about the fact that Harriet Harman is now being seriously talked of as Labour leader/PM in waiting. Whaaat?! The woman would be hard pressed to find her bum with both hands, as they say in Australia.


  1. Perhaps its because someones hands did find her bum that she can hold the job down, if job is the correct description for her daily time fill.
    As for Sauron, the Einzatzgruppens Dr Rasch maybe? Today in my little local town, in the pouring rain, I saw a site that epitomised the decade of Blair/Brown stupidity. An Iranian or Iraqi young girl, selling the Big Issue.

  2. Give 'em an inch...
    BBC political spokeshave tonight said, of Saurons fib / blatant lie over road tax, "or did he misspeak", fool that I am for asking, when did that one pass into the English language.