Wednesday 2 July 2008

Olympics News

All I can say about this story is surprise, surprise. That's what you get if you commission an 'iconic' building from this woman, whose sky-high reputation ('greatest living architect') rests largely on unbuilt and/or unbuildable designs - and winning an awful lot of prizes.


  1. My favorite part was at the end:

    "There has been huge progress since Jack Lemley left the ODA 18 months ago. We are on track to start construction three months early, and the budget has been described by the National Audit Office as soundly based."

    ... said Sir Humphrey Appleby.

  2. She comes from the Fritz Lang school of architecture, the biggest cock up ever is still Holyrood, Morales at least had the decency to die before completion, 'tis a pity the Spaniards don't practice Suti, Senora would have joined him, did you know Ms Wark had a say in the final design, then her company was paid, by the taxpayer, to make a documentary about the disaster she was an integral part of, nothing at all, I hasten to add, to do with the fact she had the first minister stay, FOC, at her pad in France. She should swing for that.

  3. I read this very differently, Nige. I see a woman who, in order to excell at her profession, has had to spend virtually her entire career (and thus life) outside her homeland. And now Baghdad is the center of "deconstructivist" architecture. At any rate, it's being blown away, bomb by bomb.

    This is sad.....