Sunday 6 July 2008

Warren Jeffs, Fashion Icon

Yes, that Warren Jeffs. Apparently the sight of his female 'followers' in their long skirts and prim blouses got the fahionistas wildly excited and has dictated the trend of the latest look .. It's all about long skirts and (you guessed) prim blouses, with the odd outbreak of old-fashioned lace - yes, ladies, you too can have that FLDS Sex Slave of Warren look. Exciting prospect, isn't it? I heard this latest manifestation of the glazed, self-absorbed amorality of the fashion world expounded on the radio some time in the early morning. Pretty sure it was on Radio 4's Sunday programme, but I can't bring myself to listen again, in case I was hallucinating. ...


  1. Blending seamlessly two posts into one, is there any more wax like figure than the super Kraut himself, that maestro of the felt tip pen on bogroll, supremo of sewing, Gaulieter of all things schmutter (excuse the Polari), master of the rollons, idiot extraordinaire, Karl, honestly I am alive, Largefeld.
    You're exactly right Nige, the fashion industry always amazes me, huge sums of money generated inside of a balloon.
    Some explanation may be required for younger viewers
    Rollons...corsets, the 1950s most effective contraceptive.

  2. Ah yes Malty - I remember encountering some of the last rollons...