Sunday 6 July 2008


Never saw the point of waxworks myself - vaguely creepy, death-in-life affairs, either unsettlingly accurate or wholly unrecognisable. Still, the more effective of them certainly seem to inspire strong emotions - as exemplified by recent events in Berlin. Note that he was only the second visitor.


  1. "Despite some criticism in the media, Stephen Kramer, general secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said he did not object to Hitler being shown, as long as it was done properly."
    I think he means as long as it doesn't attract visitors away from the Jewish museum, the one near Checkpoint Charlie that takes hours to get in, more security that the White House, and what does he mean, "done properly", how might one respectfully inquire, do you do that.
    Warwick castle's use of waxworks is OK.
    Don't know about the Inns of Court though, all of those wax like figures trolling about.
    Marvellous news Nige, apparently because of the looming recession, thousands of lawyers will be made redundant, dear me, what will the ski tour companies do this winter.

  2. Lawyers? Redundant! Can such things be? We haven't even lost a single estate agent's down my way, tho they're doing no business at all...

  3. Excellent link, Nige. Judy had a good chuckle over those bad waxworks. However, I must draw your attention to one error. I believe that's the real Eddie the Eagle Edwards in the last photo. I know for a fact that he's be earning good money pretending to be his own waxwork.

    Just thought you should know...

  4. I last visited Madame Tussauds a few years back and found it faintly amusing. The planetarium was thrown in as a freebie because people are more interested in celebrities than space these days.

    Anyway, they have a figure of Hitler in his prime doing the Sieg Heil, and as we walked past an asian girl was merrily posing next to it, doing the lovely fascist salute and ignoring the looks of passers by...

  5. Thanks for that Dick, and good luck to Eddie - tho I fear he may have been melted down, always an occpuational hazard...
    And Celebritish - is this true? in London?! I suppose we always saw Adolf as bit of a joke. If only the Germans had got it... There you are - that's half the 20th century explained. Next!