Tuesday 22 July 2008

Quote Contest. No Prizes.

Since it's a sunny day (at least here in London), here's a fine weather quotation, written on this day in 1873. Your job, if you've nothing better to do, is to identify the author. The clue is in the third word...
'The wind dappled very sweetly on one's face and when I came out I seemed to put it on like a gown. I mean it rippled and fluttered like light linen, one could feel the folds and braids of it.'


  1. I would guess it's Gerard Manley Hopkins, he of pied-beauty fame. Which, by the way, I am now noticing everywhere -- especially in butterflies, like the mottled black & white one you linked to the other day.

  2. Well done Susan! I was going to add that words 12 and 13 were something he never did... You're so right about pied beauty - not just yesterday's butterfly but my old favourite the White Admiral...