Saturday 5 July 2008

Now, I'm Not Paranoid, But...

Amazon have just sent me this book recommendation:
Persecutory Delusions: Assessment, Theory and Treatment, by Daniel Freeman.
They're onto me...
Meanwhile, someone seems to have cloned my bank card (and found no better use for it than topping up a mobile phone and buying a couple of coach tickets), so I spent half the morning on the phone to the bank. Or maybe it was a persecutory delusion.


  1. Delusions are good for your complexion and general sense of well being Nige, distrust anyone without them, not normal. Had them since the age of seven myself, persecutory type sometimes pushed to one side by the delusions of grandeur, laurel leaves and toga becoming a bit tatty lately though. Beware the Great god Amazon, showed me someone else's wish list once. No, don't ask. I hope your bank wasn't like our (now ex) bank, making it seem to be your fault someone stole / cloned your card.
    Chin up now, still three more weeks of the Tour de France.

  2. Somebody once cloned my being, Nige. Consider yourself lucky. At least you will be covered by the bank.

    Just out of curiosity, do you know the destination on the coach tickets?

  3. This is completely off topic, but I already asked another English music-loving friend who did not know the answer. In the Billy Bragg song, "Greetings to the New Brunette," *who* is the new brunette? Is it a child the narrator/singer had with Shirley, or is it a new woman b/c the narrator's now tired of Shirley?

    I love that song, btw. My favorite line: "I celebrate my love for you with a pint of beer and a new tattoo."

    He's a great singer and one I'd never heard of 'til a pal sent me one of his songs on a mix CD.

    Sorry, you can go back to the topic now, but if anyone can answer my question, I'll be very gratified.

  4. Susan, if you go back as far as his Riff Raff days then perm any one from two hundred and fifty, did you know that at one point he became a soldier and then bought himself out. Hope you are meaningfully employed again.

  5. I sympathise, Dick - they'd probably clone mine if I had one. No idea where those coach tickets were for - how far does £24.50 get you these days?
    Tour de France, Malty, now you're talking...
    Billy Bragg, Susan - not a clue. Sorry.