Thursday 3 July 2008

Gentlemen In England...

The good news on the NHS, though, is that, according to this poltroon, GPs are operating 'gentlemen's agreements'. I hope they are; there are far too few gentlemen's agreements - or indeed gentlemen - these days.


  1. True on both accounts, I think. Speaking of things that there are too few of, ice cream shops where the ice cream is made on-site are another. A gelato-maker is officially opening right next door to the 99 Cleaners on Holland Park Av. on Saturday. I saw them preparing the fresh fruit and turn it into gelato this morning. The strawberry was fabulous.

  2. that's excellent news Randy - I must pay a visit...

  3. I had an agreement with a gentleman once, trouble is he was my bank manager, thing is though, Lloyds, his employers, were a bunch of lousy stinking bastards. the real gentlemen today are women, especially those who hang around York Minster at weekends and don't wear hair products. I had another gentlemans agreement (or a strategic alliance as we in the trade call it) with an Italian, a real old fashioned gent, wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw Bergamo. Did meet a real gent in the seventies, Lawrence Pilkington (the bod who gave you float glass and night vision optics), he then bought out my biggest customer, turn out to be a real pain. Ain't sure about gents Nige.