Saturday 19 July 2008

Lost Property

One thing we can rely on the Ministry of Defence to do, it seems, is to lose laptops (and memory sticks - I think that figure rose to 100 or so in the course of yesterday). Meanwhile, the French go one better by losing 60 Lockerbies worth of Semtex, plus detonators. The more conspicuous and intrusive security impinges on our lives, the less secure we become.


  1. I always like the irony that people keep forgetting where they left their memory sticks.

  2. Last year the RAF lost a bomb around here somewhere, (they are always tootling around the borders, pretending to be aggressive.) After a while an RAF spokes operative said "its ok, it was only a concrete one". I know Sauron is underfunding the armed forces but honestly.
    They have not found it yet, even after pleading "can we have our bomb back please"