Thursday 24 July 2008

Knowledge Navigators

The government - the one that has come up with the bright idea of 'toddler targets' for basic literacy, while presiding over schools that churn out unemployable teenagers - has sent this end-of-term message to secondary school teachers:
'As leading knowledge navigators you are mission critical to achieving robust and effective discharge from pathways from the secondary phase of the intensive learning scenario.'
Message ends.


  1. Effective discharge pathways? Hmm.

  2. Bev the sprog Tzars edict No fv/7680001/Rev B-12/superseded by bs/1256000/2008/42WQQE.
    A carbuncle on the backside of the nation if there ever was one, complemented by the one man plague, Balls. Into the dunces corner with the lot of them.

  3. 'Mission critical'!!!!

    Another job for your owl, Nige. I'm sure it has an 'effective discharge' for them.