Tuesday 22 July 2008

Cavy Day

Good to see that Peru - where National Potato Day is a highlight of the social calendar - is finding time to celebrate the invaluable guinea pig. And how better to pay tribute to the doughty rodents than by dressing them up in silly costumes and/or killing and eating them (there's always a fine line between fluffy and food).
Personally, I've always had a soft spot for guinea pigs, partly because they were my entrée into the world of letters. An affecting character study of my pet guinea pig was the first thing I wrote that found its way into print - in the school magazine. I remember nothing about it except that it was titled A Cavy Character. I remember the guinea pig though...


  1. Haha. Entrée, very good. I did once literally go that route, with salsa piquante. Rather tasty I thought, though one is not really enough.

    Nervous beasts, though. We had them at home but they usually succumbed to stress-induced heart attacks. I don't think they get on well with terriers.

  2. No mention on their website of that Peruvian kneesup band with the pan pipes, I once saw them in the Marian Plaza in Munich and I swear the same lot 5 days later in Edinburgh. A few months later in Heidelberg, I'm sure it was the same lot, although all Peruvians look alike, except Michael Bentine of course.

  3. Here in the Borders we have a Potato Day, held annually by BOG (Borders Organic Gardeners) in March. It's when we all go and buy our seed potatoes....quite a social day is had by all.