Tuesday 22 July 2008


Born this day in 1844, the Rev Spilliam Archibald Wooner - sorry, William Archibald Spooner. My favourite story of him is the one in which he preached a long sermon, to an understandably bemused congregation, about Aristotle. Descending from the pulpit when it was over, he suddenly thought of something, climbed back up and announced, 'I'm sorry, did I say Aristotle? I meant Saint Paul.' I know the feeling...
(The Spoonerism 'The Lord is a shoving leopard' is rather good too.)


  1. When either Spooner or McGonagall are mentioned, I always think about Spike Milligan and how much I miss him. The world is much too sensible for my liking these days.

  2. Remember what Shakesaid speared in the Verchant of Menace: "All that golders is not glist"