Friday 25 July 2008

An In-Depth Analysis of the Glasgow East By-Election Result

Malty reminds me (under the previous post) that I haven't mentioned the SNP's victory in Glasgow East yesterday. Well, of course, I'm all for Broon getting a trouncing, especially in his homeland - but the SNP?! Alex Salmond?! They must be desperately short of politicians up there. Wait a minute, of course they are - they're all down here runnning England.


  1. Salmond is just dire. His smugness knows no bounds.

  2. Goodness, simply because wee Alex is a devious, opportunistic, rabble rousing , misspeaking oily scroat there's no need to cast aspersions upon his napper. Just because his party only emerged from their primordial swamp after the oil glugged out of the north sea, seeing the golden opportunity to change their status from little pond little fish to little pond big fish. It would be as well, though to keep an eye on them, they have the potential to damage UK SARL. The reason that they are in power is simply because their predecessors were complete and utter morons, think of the Nats as Sinn Fein sans guns.
    His own opinion of himself..Mary queen of Scots with a willy.