Friday 4 July 2008

The Legacy of Prezza - and The Dead

The legacy of Prezza lives on. An extraordinary report on the Today programme told how the Japanese are still steaming with resentment at having been shamed and bullied into signing up to the (nonsensical) Kyoto 'climate change' protocols on Euro-friendly terms - i.e. a 1990 baseline, around the time at which western Europe began cleaning up its 'dirty' industries. It was apparent at the time that the Japanese weren't happy when their spokesman muttered his agreement out of the side of his mouth, like a schoolboy forced to apologise. This triumph for international goodwill was spearheaded in the small hours by none other than John 'I'm the Clunking Fist round here' Prescott, who bore down on the cowering Japanese with his eyes, according to eyewitness reports , black with rage. Ah Prezza, how we miss you...
Meanwhile, this story gets more and more bizarre. Not only is the man unconscious for no known reason, but it has come to light that he was known to be all right at the weekend because he, er, logged on to a Grateful Dead fansite. He is, we are told, a huge fan. Well, am I alone in being mildly disturbed by the thought of 'Britain's top spy' wigging out to Live Dead?


  1. I'm reassured. If spies were like the rest of us they probably wouldn't be any good at their job. I wonder if he's into tattoos as well. Anyway, a cruel thing to happen to someone still in their fifties and I hope he makes a swift recovery. More revealing is the immediate suggestion that Vlad "The Poisoner" Putin had been at wok. What a rep he's given his country.

  2. Could be worse, he could be a Sting fan, the trance would then be catatonic, he wasn't in the vicinity of umbrellas I hope. Good old ex shop steward, his legacy rides on forever, make my day Tojo.

  3. Funny, he looks like a Le Carre character, e.g. 'Jack Brotherhood' from 'A Perfect Spy.