Thursday 3 July 2008

The Noblest Manifestation?

Confirming that the National Health Service has - in some eyes at least - the status of a national quasi-religion, a service of Thanksgiving for its 60 years of existence was held in Westminster Abbey. From the pulpit, Gordon Brown declared the the NHS is 'the noblest manifestation of the character of our country'. If that is the case, there is truly no hope. Emigration looks ever more attractive...
(And the noblest manifestation of the character of our country is to be found in the Works of William Shakespeare - isn't it?)


  1. Wondefull piece on the news last night, The Eurowonks want to give us the ultimate choice, bunions fixed anywhere in Europe, the one and only instance of the common market working in favour of the British.

  2. Ah but the NHS won't allow that, Malty. Can you imagine trying to gett them to cough up for treatment you had abroad...